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Conformity to Standards CE (with 4 digit notified number)
Certification number and date 5906 Dt.13/05/2016
Confirmity to standard conforms to standards IEC- 61010 for electrical safety latest amendment Yes

Performance Parameters

Purpose Used for storage of various samples , sensitive stem cells, plasma , semen , virus, bone graft and other biological samples
Capacity in liters 400-450 L
Freezer body Freezer should have galvanised steel body with tough powder coated exterior finish constructed on steel
Material of inside chamber SS
Type of Cabinet Vertical
Ground clearance in mm 100 mm
Should have heavy duty lockable castors and levelling for adjustments and installation Yes
Refrigerants CFC-free, HCFC-free non flammable refrigerants
Refrigeration system must be energy efficient with pull down time in hrs 5.2 hr
Operating Temperature with 1ᵒ C increment minus 55ᵒC to minus 86ᵒC
Freezer must attain -80ᵒC while operating at ambient temperature of 32ᵒC Yes
Number of holding racks 15
Control system Fully programmable microprocessor controlled with membrane keypad and eye level control panel
Number of inner storage compartments with insulated doors and adjustable height 4
Freezer should have heated air vent and easily accessible front panel air filter Yes
Digital temperature display Yes
Should have battery back up for the display and security lock for the display Yes
Alarms Alarms for audible and visible alarm system for unwanted temperature rise, sudden power failure , system failure and battery low
Noise level in dB 52
Energy consumption rate (@KWh/day) 6
Stabilizer should be capable to run any voltage between 190V – 270 V Yes
Double door with locking lids Yes
Availability of decompression valve facility to lower air pressure inside freezer for easy door opening Yes
Panels Vacuum polyurethane foam panels
Number of compressor 1
Temperature uniformity ±3ᵒC or less
Temperature stability of system ±3ᵒC
Warranty of Stabilizer in Years 2
Warranty of Freezer (except compressor) in Years (from the date of installation) 3
Warranty of compressor in years 3

Additional Parameters

Vacuum insulation panel Yes
Freezer must have washable condenser filter indicator which should keep fins free of dust to maintain peak cooling efficiency Yes
One 5KVA servo stabilizer to be supplied with freezer No
CO₂ cylinder should be supplied with freezer for backup Yes
Number of corrosion resistant racks 4
Pairs of Cryogloves to be provided 1
Number of Ice scraper to be provided 1
Tempearture Chart recorder to be provided No
Availability of USB port to download event log and freezer setting No


Manufacturer should have ISO certification Yes
ISO certification date and number ISO 9001:2015 & 13/02/2018
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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