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Conformity to Standards American Thoracic society (ATS)/ European Respiratory Society (ERS) standards. LATEST
Confirmity to Safety and Quality Standards European CE MDD
Certificate Date and Number CE-3777

Performance Parameters

Type of Measurable Spirometry and Flow Volume Parameter FVC,FEV0.5 FEV1,FEF50,FIF 50,FEF75,MVV, FET & MTT), SVC, Maximum ventilation volume (MVV)inspiratory capacity, Expiratory Reserve volume
Availability of Pre & Post Bronchodilatation Comparison Yes
Broncho provocation test Yes
Flowmeter Bi-directional digital turbine (14 l/s or more with accuracy 3 %)
Level of Resistance less than 1.5 cm H2O/L/sec
Parameters should be measured with highest accuracy & reproducibility and should not affected with high surrounding temperature and humidity levels Yes
SPO2 (pulse oximetry) No
Electronic Barometer & temperature sensors, for Automatic BTPS correction Yes
Overlaying of previous test curves for comparison Yes
Real Time Flow Volume and Volume –time Time Traces on Computer screen Yes
Capablity to select and modify / add predicted equations Yes
3-litre precision calibration syringe,standard accessories and manual Yes
Facility to interface for desktop/laptop computer Yes
“System Should be supplied with Computer Interfacing package, Cables, Software should be supplied” Yes
3-Litre Precision Calibration Syringe, Standard accessories & Manual should be supplied Yes
” Availability of Disposable Mouthpieces (500 Nos)” Yes
Availability of Pulmonary Filters (100 Nos) with machine Yes
Spare Pneumotach screens supplied Not Provided
Availability of Nose clips-20 nos and Thermal paper roll-20 nos Yes
Should have a digital display of all graphs and parameters and an alphanumeric keypad Yes
Overall dimensions in mm x mm x mm 50X30X10
Weight in kg 3
Instruction Manuals 3 set Yes
Warranty in Years 3
CMC (after warranty) in years to be provided Not provided


Availability of test report from central govt/ NABL/ILAC accredited lab covering all parameters Yes
Test report number CE-3777
Test report date 4-2-2019
Name of test lab ukcert
Address of test lab london
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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