Opthalmic Trial Lens Set -(RBSK)

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Product Trial lens set for peadiatric use
Type Portable
Purpose For testing vision
Sphere lens in pairs +/- 160 count
Sphere lens diopters configuration 0.25, 0.50, 0.75,1.00,1.25,1.50,1.75,2.00,2.25,2.50,2.75,3.00,3.25,3.50,3.75,4.00,4.25,4.50,4.75,5.00,5.25,5.50,5.75,6.00,6.50,7.00,7.50,8.00,8.50,9.00,9.50,10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,14.00,15.00,16.00,18.00,20.00
Cylinder lens in pairs +/-80 count
Cylinder lens diopters configuration 0.25, 0.50, 0.75,1.00,1.25,1.50,1.75,2.00,2.25,2.50,2.75,3.00,3.25,3.50,3.75,4.00,4.50,5.00,5.50,6.00
Prism lenses in pairs (12 Count) 0.5
Prism lenses in singles (12 Count) 1.00,2.00,3.00,4.00,5.00,6.00,7.00,8.00,9.00,10.00
Auxilliary Lenses (16 count) (+/- Jackson cross Cylinder) 0.25, 0.5
Auxilliary Lenses single Red Lens, Green Lens, Occluder, 1.00mm Slit, Polariscope, Frosted
Auxilliary Lenses pairs Maddox, Plano, Cross, Pinhole
Diameter of Lenses to fit into the trial frame (mm) 28


Packing kit contains Product user manual, Lenses, Dehumidifier, Cleaning brush, Cleaning cloth in a strong carry suit case or hard box Yes
Packing Individually packed


Product certification EU-CE&US-FDA
Submission of all the certifications and test reports/calibration reports to the buyer along with supplies on demand Yes


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