Ophthalmic Operating Microscopes

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Certifications for product US FDA (with verified document )
Certification no and date 6538-2-2018, 26-02-2018
Confirmity to Manufacturing Standards Yes

Performance Parameter

Purpose It is used to see high contrast and detailed imaging of all regions of the human eye with the help of an apochromatic lens (or apo) which provide high light transmission, permitting high-quality imaging at lower light intensities.
Suitability for type of surgery Yes
Ophthalmic microscope should have apochromatic optics Yes
Mode of Magnification 5 step
Magnification factor 04x,0.6x,1.0x,1.6x and 2.5x for 5 step
Range of refractive power for the eyepiece in diopter Minsus 8 to Plus 8
Motorized foot control Yes
Waterproof foot control panel Yes
Binocular tube Yes
Type illumination for unique recognition Co-axial
Type of illumination Xenon
Integrated Blue Barrier Yes
Stand by bulb change and failed bulb replacement Yes
Backup LED illumination integrated in system No (for Halogen & Xenon
Should have heat absorbing and UV Filters,retina protection device and contrast enhancement aperture Yes
Floor stand Yes
Type of floor stand Yes
The type of illumination of stand Halogen
Power Supply sources 230 v 50 hz single phase
Online UPS provided Yes
Backup power time for UPS in minute 30
Comprehensive Warranty in years for complete equipment which shall be from the date of handing over of equipment to consignee 5
Operating temperature & humidity 10 – 40 degree centigrade and humidity of 15-90%

Dimensions Parameter

The working distance of objective lens F supplied in mm 200
XY Coupling size 40 x 40
IPD adjustment range in mm 55 x75
Range of magnification 3x to 20x
Minimum load carrying capacity of stand in kg 8
Size of machine (L xWxH) in mm x mm x mm 800mm x 580mm x 910mm
Weight of machine in kg 96

Accessories Parameter

One set of Sterilizable rubber caps for all knobs and dust cover to be supplied Yes
Main cable with power socket of standard indian make to be provided Yes

Miscellaneous Parameters

Copies of certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand after placement of order Yes


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