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Hand Rim Outside Dia. (mm) 0
Low voltage Alarm Yes
Material of Seat RAXINE
Total weight of Wheel Chair (Kg.) 15
Foot rest Material S.S
Product Code No, NA
Range of Seat Height Adjustment (mm) NA
Battery Charger output current rating (Amps) NA
Density of Cushoin material on armrest,seat and Backrest (Kg/m3) 32
Leg Guard Width (mm) 20
Back rest with Cushion No
Hardness of Axle (HRC) 40
Hand rim Tube thickness (mm) 2
Front castor Dia (mm) 150
Cushion on Seat Without
Front castor Swivel Type Yes
Overall Width in unfolded condition of wheel chair (mm) 450
Leg guard type Swinging, detachable and elevating
Slope of Seat (Degree) 180
Type of Back rest Fixed
Overall Length (mm) 450
Type of Wheel Hub NA
Hand Rim material S.S
Foldable Yes
Overall Width in folded condition of the wheelchair (mm) 200
Leg Guard Thickness (mm) 1
Types of Wheel chairs Attendant controlled Non powered
Material of Handle REXINE AND FOAM
Frame tube thickness (mm) 1
Material of arm rest REXINE
Material of hand grip REXINE
Material of Cushion on armrest,seat and Backrest REXINE AND FOAM
Clearnce of frame from floor (mm) 12
Battety Voltage Rating (Volts) NA
Dia of Axle (mm) 10
Overall Height (mm) 750
Drawing available on web No
Range of Width Adjustment (mm) 600
Length of Foot Rest (mm) 130
Loading Capacity (Kg.) 130
Rear wheel rim Material s.s
Thickness of Arm rest (mm) NA
Battery Charger Input Supply Voltage (Volts) NA
Battery type Sealed Maintenance Free
Drawing No. NO
Battery Capacity Rating (AH) NA
Rear wheel tyre tread width (mm) NA
Material of Axle NA
Arm rest Type Fixed
Cushion Material Thickness (mm) 5
Seat Depth (mm) 0
Material of Folding Mechanism NA
Diameter of Tube/ thickness of flat of folding mechnism (mm) 20
Type of Braking System HAND
Rear wheel rim thickness (mm) 1.5
Distance between seat and foot rest (mm) 200
Foot rest surface finish anti slip type Yes
Clearance of footrest from floor (mm) 10
Seat Cushion Material NA
Motor power rating (Watts) NA
Finish of Aluminium casts Buffing
Hand Rim With
Handle for push/pull action of Wheel Chair yes
Product code available on web No
Thickness of Seat (mm) 3
Slope of the backrest with repesct to floor (Degree) 3
Foot rest thickness (mm) 6
Width of foot rest (mm) 12
Rear wheel tyre type Solid
Battery Charger output voltage rating (Volts) NA
Arm rest height from seat (mm) 100
Cushion on Arm rest Without
No. of Speeds (No.) NA
Greadability (Degree) NA
Material of Back rest NA
Thickness of Cushion material of Arm rest (mm) NA
Material of frame NA
Types of foot rest Swinging without height adjustment
Speed max (Kmph) 0
Warranty (Years) 1
Frame tube Dia (mm) 0
Width of wheel chair Fixed.
Seat Height Fixed
Seat hight from floor at the front (mm) 450
Speed Selector Yes
Thickness of back rest (mm) 5
Leg guard Material NA
Painting of mild steel components Chrome Plating


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