Victim Location Equipment & Breaching System (Mobile medical services search and rescue kits

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Victim Location Equipment Designed for location and rescue of victims trapped under debris during natural calamities or in mine collapses or confined space disasters.
Scope of Supply for Victim Location Equipment “Complete victim location system with camera mounted on rigid telescopic frame extendable to length > 6 m along with video display monitor, two-way audio system incorporating search microphone and communication speakers in camera housing and under-helmet headset with earphones and boom microphones, Operator consoles all packed in an appropriate water tight, dust proof carry case. Separate remote hard-wired display monitor with extension cable to 20 m. Two batteries and charger”
Breaching System “The Breaching System is a heavy duty drill used for making an entry hole for the probe of the victim location system through debris at the disaster site, or other overlaying material required to be breached to enable the search camera to access underlying void spaces”
Scope of Supply for Breaching System Complete Breaching System in appropriate carry case with two additional diamond and coring bits each.
Performance requirements equipment is required to perform under emergency conditions prevailing during various kinds of natural and man-made disasters (such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, landslide, dust & hail storm, fire, terrorist attack, chemical, biological and nuclear attack etc

Victim Location Equipment

Make and Model number of Victim Location Equipment ISE-VLSC
Victim Location Equipment ability They enable insertion below the debris of a telescopic probe which mounts, at its head, a sensitive articulable video camera, supported by appropriate illumination, whose images can be viewed by the operator and other rescue personnel on remote display monitors.
Victim Location Equipment system integration The system also integrates a two way audio system which can pick up life sounds from the victim and also permits the passage of spoken instructions or assurances to him from the rescue team. Since a rigid telescopic probe has limitations on how far it can be inserted, the camera, light and sound system can also be mounted on one end of a cable which can be used toreach greater depths
Victim Location System’s primary configuration based on a video camera mounted at one end of a rigid telescopic probe which can reach out into depths and void spaces up to a distance greater than 9ft
Colour video camera specification minimum, 1/3″ double scan colour CCD with 4, 70,000 pixel or more with low light sensitivity to better than o.1 Lux.
Travel articulation angle for camera 180˚ total, right to left, with a viewing area not less than 120˚
Illumination device ” 16 element LED/xenon lamp integrated into the camera head which can illuminate up to 6m or more in total darkness.”
Display monitors “two display monitors,one at the operator level and the second for remote viewing by other rescue personnel at a distance not less than 20 m from the operator position.”
Display monitors type Flat screen LCD active matrix of minimum size 6″ measured diagonally.
Gain for inbuilt two-way audio system better than 90 dB
Inbuilt speaker with camera YES
The operator’s headset will incorporate noise attenuating earphones and a boom microphone through which messages or instructions may be passed to the victim through the speaker housed in the camera piece YES
System Operators requirements maximum two persons to operate, one operator to handle and control the probe and the second operator for the system functions, as well as viewing of the monitor. The probe operator will be provided ergonomic controls
Probe weight (less than 5 Kg)must declare 3 kilogram
Rechargeable dry batteries to enable 3 hours continuous use 2 Nos
Battery Chemistry and Capacity LITHIUM ION
Charging capacity of Battery charger charger should recharge batteries to 90% in less than two hours
Operating Temperature -10 ºC to 50 ºC
Storage Temperature and Humidity between -10 ºC to 50 ºC & Humidity 10 % to 90% relative
Dust and Water resistant YES
Degree of Protection Rating (IP) IP 66

Breaching System

Make and Model number of Breaching system CUT MASTER
Breaching capability To allow rescue teams to breach most common construction materials with only one system
Toughness of coring bits, carbide tipped diamond studded suitable to bore through wood, nails, sheet metal and roofing materials and reinforced concrete
Collar for attachment of coring bits as well as for cooling water to be delivered to the spinning carbide tipped diamond studded bits when used YES
Power head weight (must declare) 10 kilogram
Boring speed( Hint:then 5 cms per minute in standard construction grade concrete) 25
Breaching depth 450 centimeter
Bits Type carbide tipped diamond stubbed bits (min.dia-52mm) capable of coring holes of minimum diameter of 55 mm (55mm)
Cooling system pressurized water can, 8 Litres capacity with not less than 3 m hose with quick connect fittings
Field service kit Canvas storage pouch,spare fuel tank cap,starter recoil assembly, Allen key set for starter assembly,spare spark plug,spark plug wrench, copper washer,garden hose to water collar adaptor


Availability of Type Test Report to prove conformity of declared parameters to the specification from any ILAC/NABL accredited/Central Govt Lab YES
Test Report Number and Date UQ-9203 Date 26-02-2018
Name of the Lab where test Conducted UK CERTIFICATION AND INSPECTION LTD.
Technical/User Manual shall be supplied with each equipment YES
Product Warranty 2
Service Warranty for Parts from date installation 5


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