Table Top Autoclave

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Accessories, Consumables & Warranty

Accessories: Each Tabletop autoclave unit shall be supplied along with: One Rack unit with 5 levels and one set of suitable sized instrument trays.
Warranty 3 year
Consumables: Sterilizer unit to be supplied with consumables sufficient to carry out sterilization cycles (No) sufficient for 50 sterilization cycles


Type Table top or bench top steam steriliser
Type of cycle processes available B-process
Sterilizer Chamber Type Circular
Steriliser chamber material SS 316 or better grade steel
Working Pressure of Chamber 2.2 bar
Design Pressure of Chamber 3.8 bar
Chamber pre-heating facility: Equipped with electrically heated jacket for preheating on standby mode: Yes
Type of Sterilizer Chamber Door Radially Opening Door
Steriliser Chamber door Locking facility At least two locking bolts
Sterilizer Chamber door Operation: Automatic (with manual override facility in case of auto mechanism failure)
Door sealing: By elastomeric rubber gasket suitable to withstand temperature upto 140 degree C & pressure upto 20-30 psi
Inlet Air Filtration: Yes, Atmospheric air shall enter the sterilisation chamber after its filtering by a disposable air filter provided in the equipment.
Air Filter efficiency: >= 99.998%
Sterilising Cycle Processes available: 121 degree C Wrapped,134 degree C Wrapped,134 degree C Flash/Rapid open instrument cycle,134 degree C textile,Test programs: Bowie & Dick, Leak Test
Water Storage Tank: Inbuilt water reservoir with Storage capacity of 3-5 litre with easy access for cleaning to avoid biofilm available: Yes
Steriliser have inbuilt steam generator designed for integrated energy storing system for building up power for sterilisation load in shot time: No
Type of control system available for Steriliser cycle operation: Microprocessor based PLC system specifically designed for sterilisation operations, with CPU processor with battery back up, digital input/output controls, analog measuring inputs & COM ports for printer and PC connectivity. Automatic process checking, self checking of safety devices and failure correction should be possible by the control system.
Power Source: 220 Volt, 50 Hz AC electric supply
Power supply: 220 volt, 50 Hz AC electric supply single phase
Number of Trays in sterillser chamber 3
Sterilliser Loading Type: Front loading
Audio- visual Alarm facility available for notifying: Temperature sensor failure,Pressure sensor failure,Phase time out,Door improperly closed,Power failure (no alarm if duration of power failure < 10 sec),Safety device malfunctioning

Overall Size

Overall Height: 485 millimeter
Overall Width: 425 millimeter
Overall Depth: 750 millimeter

Quality And Certifications

Compliance of Chamber for Chamber Pressure Equipment Directives (PED) AND EN 13445 norms: Yes
Quality Compliance available for quality systems as per as per ISO 9001:2000 , EN ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004: Yes
Certifications: US FDA,European CE


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