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Type of Spectrophotometer UV – VISIBLE
Type of Optical System Double Beam
Monochromator Type Holographic Grating
Detector Type Photodiode
Spectral Bandwidth Type Variable Bandwidth


Light Source Xenon Flash
Diffraction Grating (lines/mm) 1400
Switching of Light Source Automatic
Wavelength Setting And Scanning Automatic


Source Wavelength – Minimum 190 nanometer
Source Wavelength – Maximum 1100 nanometer
Resolution 0.5 nanometer
Wavelength Accuracy (+/-) 0.5 nanometer
Bandwidth (nm) 1
If variable band width, Specify the incremental step value(mm) NA
Scanning Speed (nm/min) 4999
Focal length (mm) 200 to 249
Photometric measurement modes Transmittance,Absorbance,Concentration (Wavelength, time),Reflectance,Energy,Polarisation
Photometric Absorbance (Max) (Abs) (+/-) 3.5
Photometric Absorbance Accuracy (Max) (+/-) 0.006
Photometric Transmittance (Max) (+/-) 100 percent
Photometric Transmittance Accuracy (Max) (+/-) 0.5 percent
Photometric Reflectance (Max) (+/-) 0.5 percent
Photometric Reflectance Accuracy (Max) (+/-) 0.5 percent
Stray Light Correction Automatic
Baseline Correction Automatic


Display Through PC
Display type NA
Display Size 14 inch
Test result printing Through external printer
If inbuilt printer, Type of printer N/A
Suitable software for connecting PC & Printer Yes
Connectivity USB
Internal storage(GB) 28
Sample switching/selection Automatic
Capacity of Sample holder / Sample Carousel 1
Mximum Path Length of sample 100 millimeter
Number of Cuvettes supplied-inclusive in the scope of supply 10
Power Supply 230 V ± 10, 50 Hz
Spares and Consumables inclusive in the scope of supply No
List of Items and Quantity of each item included in the offer power cord


Minimum Operating Temperature 10 degree Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature 40 degree Celsius
Operating Humidity (RH) (%) at 40 degree C 80 percent


Onsite Warranty 1 year
Availability of Spares (at extra cost) 6 year


Availability of UL/CE Certification as per EN 61010-1:2010 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use General requirements Yes
Conformance to EMC/EMI as per EN 61326-1:2013 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use Yes
Availability of Test Reports from Central Govt / NABL approved / ILAC acredited lab to prove conformity to the specification No
If yes test report to furnished,to the buyer on demand N/A


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