Slit Lamp

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Performance Parameters

Purpose The Digital Photo Slit Lamp with applanation Tonometer is an instrument consisting of a high-intensity light source that can be focused to shine a thin sheet of light into the eye and used in conjunction with a biomicroscope & digital image viewed & recorded Digital Camera
Type of Adjustability for slit width Continuous type
Type of Adjustablity for slit length Continuous type
Type of slit angle position Horizontal
Type of Adjustablity for slit angle Continuous type
Type of decentering of slit image Horizontal
Type of Light Sources/ lamps LED
Types of Filter Cobalt Blue,Red free,Grey,UV protection,Heat absorption
Type of co-observing tube microscope with standard objective and eyepiece Binocular
Galilean magnification changer with converging binocular tube provided Yes
Number of steps to attain range of magnification 3
Availability of base movement(x,y, vertical)for microscope Yes
Facility of motorized table for slit lamp Yes
Availability of Appalanation Tonometer with slit lamp Yes
Facility of beam Splitter Yes
Availability of digital adapter Yes
Type of slit lamp camera with system External
Size of camera in megapixel 12
Type of camera display LCD
Size of camera display in inch 5
Facility of Integrated cleaning system with camera Yes
Availability of rechargeable battery for camera N/A for integrated
Availability of Video cable for camera Yes
Availability of USB Cable for camera Yes
Availability of SD /SDHC Memory card Yes
Data Storage capcity foe SD/SDHC memory card in GB 8
Power Supply source Single phase 230 V, 50 Hz
Suitable UPS with 30 min backup to be supplied with equipment Yes
Availiability of Power cable compactable with Indian plug Yes
Warranty time of product in year 2
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) which includes preventive maintenance including testing & calibration as per technical/ service /operational manual ,abour and spares, after satisfactory completion of Warranty period 1
Certificate to be available from OEM/principal regarding approval of service center maintained by seller Yes
Complete technical training for personnel involved in the use and handling of the equipment on site at the buyer/consignee end immediately after its installation Yes
Operating temperature & humidity 10 – 40 deg C and relative humidity of 15-90%
Photo Slit Lamp with applanation Tonomerte frame must be Rust Proof Yes
Photo Slit Lamp with applanation Tonomerte should be made up of high quality material, pretreated with materials providing good finish, scratch resistant, bacteriostatic coating Yes
Cleaning & maintenance of Photo Slit Lamp with applanation Tonomerter shall be easy Yes

Dimensional Parameters

Slit Width Range in mm 0-12
Slit Length range in mm 0.1-14
Range of Slit Angle in degree ± 90
Slit tilt Angle in degree 0-20
Slit Angle rotation in degree 0-180
Decentering of slit image in mm ± 4
Diaphragm sizes range in mm 0.2 to 14
Range of magnification with Drum Rotation 5x to 40x
Field of view range in mm for microscope 6 to 40
Eyepiece magnification 12.5x
Longitudinal movement in mm 90
Lateral movement in mm 100
Fine base movement in mm 15
Vertical movement in mm 30
Chin rest movement in mm 80
Range of working distance in mm 72 -100
Size of Photo Slit lamp with applanation tonometer(Lx W x H) in mm x mm x mm 45X30X65
Weight of Photo Slit lamp with applanation tonometer in Kg 5

Additional Parameters

Spares bulbs provided 2
Spares Prism for Appalanation Tonomerter 2
Product instruction manual shall be supplied Yes
Standard Tool Kit for maintananace and Trouble Shooting to be provided Yes
Demonstration of equipment and training to be provided after completing supplies before Acceptance Yes


Certifications for product European CE (with verified document)
Certification Number and date to be indicated 10751 dt 10-11-2017
Manufacturer should have ISO certification for quality standards Yes
ISO certification number & date 110011984533 dated 10-11-2017
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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