Portable X Ray Machine

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Certification CDSCO/AERB
Certification number and date 15-TA-43826 , DATED :- 11/6/2018
Type test approval from AREB required Yes
AREB approval certificate number of Particular Model 15-TA-43826
Confirmity to manufacturing standards ISO 13485

Performance Parameters

Purpose Mobile radiographic units (Portable X ray Machines) are used for radiographic imaging of patients who cannot be moved to the radiology department and who are in areas, such as intensive and critical care units or operating and emergency rooms. These devices are used mainly for general adult two-dimensional (2-D) radiographic studies (predominantly for chest x-rays) as well as pediatric, neonatal, and orthopedic imaging
UMDNS Name and Code Radiographic Unit, Mobile – 13-272
Type of frequency Generator Line frequency
Frequency generator output in kW 8
Voltage Output range in kV 40 to 100
Tube Current in mA 100
Maximum Exposure time in milli sec upto 40
mAs Range 0.5 to 200
Nominal focal spot size in mm 1 to 3
Inherent Filtration of x-ray Yes
Collimator provided Yes
Type of Collimator Manual
Focal Spot size in mm 2-3
Heat storage capacity in kHU 40
Automatic exposure control device provided No
Digital display for kV & mAs supplied Yes
Electronic timer supplied Yes
Provision of Anatomical programming radiography(APR) Yes
X-ray tube system Stationary Anode
Anode speed in rpm ( Hint: Put zero in case of stationary anode) 2500
The unit should be easily positioned (from either side of the bed) for imaging in all possible projections Yes
Portable X-ray machine shall be easily transportable and steering on caster wheel Yes
Provision of effective braking system for parking,transport and emergency braking Yes
Lead Aprons – Full body and Skirt type 4 No each (0.5pb)
No of Thyroid shield and Gonald Shield 4 No each
X-ray exposure command control Hand switch
Power Cable length in meter 3
X- ray film Cassette holder available Yes
X-ray film cassette holder size in mm x mm 35 x 43
Power supply Single Phase AC ( 220-240 V,50 Hz)
Power plug (16 amp) compatible to standard wall outlet shall be supplied Yes
Tube protection against overload provided Yes
Portable X ray machine should be made in small footprint and hidden cable design for easy and efficient cleaning Yes
Operating temperature and humidity 10 – 28 deg C and relative humidity of 15-90%
Number of installations of the Portable X- ray machines in Central /State/PSU Govt Hospitals( Hint: Seller should furnish a performance certificate of the device to the buyer if demanded after placement of the order) >3
OEM and Reseller (if supplier is re-seller) shall ensure uninterrupted availability of all spares for 10 years Yes
Availability of toll free facility for technical support maintened by OEM or authorized agencies Yes
User/Technical/Maintenance manuals to be supplied in English in hard and soft copy Yes
Demonstration of equipment and training to be provided after completing supplies before acceptance Yes
Warranty in years 3


The Principal Manufacturer must have direct Presence/approved service center In India Yes
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes
QA, QC and other tests as per NABH shall be carried out by OEM or authorized agency of OEM Yes
Copies of all calibration and test reports to be submitted at the time of Supply of Machine Yes


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