Patient Warming System

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Product Specifications:

Should be suitable for intra-operative applications for adult & paediatric patients:Yes
Consists of active warming arm-cum-shoulder section, pair of leg segments and abdominal segment of cover the entire body:Yes
Based on semiconductor polymer foil for precise warming of entire patient body during & after surgery:Yes
Size:Patient warming System shall have all sizes for Adult & Paediatric patients.
Control unit:Capable of warming minimum four segments at a time and it should have display for easy operation.
Control unit Display:Touch Screen Display to select & display temperature of all segments at a time. Control unit have automatically detect the number of segments which are connected to the unit and display the same on the screen.
Temperature Control:Precise digital temperature control with selectable temperature range of 37 to 40 degree C in steps of 0.1 degree C.
Arm cum shoulder segment:Arm cum shoulder should be divided in two sections capable of being switched ON or OFF independently depending upon the nature of surgery and condition of patient.
Temperature Measurement& Display :Have facility to independently adjust the temperature of individual segment.
Facility to connect with blanket/mattress/pad:With provision to connect whole body blanket, paediatric size blanket, jelly based warming mattress/ pad to the same control unit for future requirement.
Safety Features; Have safety features:Auto stop facility on detecting any problem
Covers:Have non latex anti-bacterial coated, blood and fluid Resistant, washable and replaceable covers.
Control unit should be light weight and small in size, easily attachable to IV rod/OT table with fixing claw:Yes


Certification(s):CE Certified


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