orthopedic pop bandage

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Plaster of Paris (POP) bandage, porous, consists of Bleached cotton gauze impregnated evenly with Calcium Sulphate Yes
Low Powder loss Yes
Free from loose powder Yes
High cast strength Yes
Optimum setting time Yes
Product is ISI Marked No
License No (CM/L No if ISI Marked) NA
Sterile No
Method of sterilization NA


Conformity to standards British Pharmacopoeia (B.P)


Length of bandage (mtrs) 3 meter
Width of bandage (Cms) 10 meter


Weight per unit area of cotton gauze fabric (gsm)(Min) 340
Material to protect the sking under the plaster splint or case Tubular bandage


Adhesive to make plaster to stick on the base fabric of cotton gauze Carboxy methyle cellulose


Type of packing Individually packed


Submission of Test Report on Form 39 or from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab to prove the conformity of the product to the declared specification at the time of supply Yes
Certification available ISO
Product conformity certificate is to be provided to the buyer Yes
Manufacturing drug license Yes
Drug License No GJADC-21B/145442
Drug License Date 07/12/2015


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