Non invasive Cardiac Support Pump With Defibrillator

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Product Specifications, Certifications And Warranty

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Device, able to generate chest compression & provide consistent compression with on interruptionsYes
Easy to use in both Hospital and Emergency set up mainly during transportationYes
with facility to provide chest compression to patient while carrying to staircase and even on 45 degree elevationYes
Battery operated and with extremely simple user interfaceYes
Ability to achieve uniform load distribution by squeezing entire chestYes
Ability to do the high quality compression in CPR using:Chest compression band
Should have small LCD backlit screen to show compression modesYes
Display:Small LCD backlit screen to show compression modes
Ability to automatically size the patient by calculating size, shape and compliance of every patient:Yes
Capability to provide compression just by pressing buttons:30:2 (30 compression and 2 ventilation pause ) compressions,Continuous compression
Accessories Set (each unit of the equipment shall be supplied with 3 load distribution bands, 1 battery charger unit and 3 batteries:Yes
Equipment unit should be according to AHA guidelines and can have capability to be upgradeable to any amendments in 2020 AHA guidelines onsite through IR Port or other facility available in unitYes
Equipment has Defibrillator or providing synchronised shock while the device is working(imparting CPR to patient):Yes
Should be rugged and have easy to read three mode displays to be rugged and should have easy to read three mode displays to be readable in any environmentYes
Should have facility for ECG Monitoring, defibrillation, external pacing (transcutaneous) & recorder:Yes
Type of technology used in Defibrillator:Biphasic
Energy selection range of Defibrillator1 to 200 joules
Charging time of defibrillator unit:< 7 seconds to attain maximum energy
Defibrillator should have ability to measure chest compression rate and depth in real time and both visual and optional audible feedback is providedYes
Ability that all CPR data can be recorded and reviewed by using software specially designed for doing this (if needed)Yes
Ability to filter out CPR artifacts and allowing person to see organized rhythms without interrupting chest compressionYes
Availability of voice and visual prompts and have GPS clock:Yes
Provision of Clock in defibrillator:GPS clock to provide complete time.
Unit have option to upgrade to Et CO2Yes
Unit have option to upgrade to Sp CO2No
Unit have option to upgrade to NIBP:Yes
Unit have option to upgrade to 12 leads:Yes
Certifications:US FDA
Warranty period:5 years


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