LEA Symbols Translucent Distance Eye Chart

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Name of Tool Lea Symbols Translucent Distance Eye Chart
Type Lea Translucent 13 Lines, 10ft/3m Distance Chart
Objective To fulfil the criteria to be a good vision screening chart for children/Adult by measuring the visual acuity
Use To assess the distant functional vision


LEA Symbols Distance chart includes visual acquity chart, response panel and 4 individual cards Yes
All optotypes should be of similar legibility Yes
The card contains very familiar 4 symbols like circle, square, house and apple Yes
Each line should have 5 letters at visual acquity better than 20/100 Yes
Proportional spaced lines size 20/100 to 20/8 (6/30 to 6/2.4)
Proportional spacing between the optotypes Yes
Should have 0 point 1 Log MAR decrements in optotype size Yes
Test distance (ft or meter) 10ft or 3meter
Includes Student response card, conditional flash card and instructions Yes
Can be used as wall chart Yes
Material of the card HDPE


Packing (including user instructions) Packed in a wallet


Certification Available NA
The optotypes were calibrated against the Landolt C, the international standard Yes


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