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Availability of any of Certification such as ISO / European-CE / US-FDA / CE YES
Details of the Certifications such as type of certification,number,date and validity ISO CERTIFIED
Conformity to Standards YES

Performance Parameters

Type of Infusion Pump Syringe Infusion Pump
Technology (of operation) Programmable Mode
Flow rate Range with increment in ml/hr 0.1 to 240 ml/hr(10 ml syringe)
Infused Volume Range in ml 0.1-999(0.1 ml/hr increment)
Flow rate & volume flow rate & volume to be infused should be configured to limit the maximum allowable range
KVO (Keep Vein Open) Rate in ml/hr 0.1
Accuracy in % 95
Bolus Type Bolus without volume pre-selection
Bolus Rate Range in ml/hr 200 ml/hr for 10 ml syringe
Bolus Volume in ml 0.1 ml to 5 ml in 0.1 ml increments(auto bolus)
Display Type LCD
Size of Display (length x width) (mm x mm) 66*33
Alphanumeric Programming Key Board YES
Operating and Transportation Temperature range 15
Humidity Conditions (operating and transport & storage) (15 to 90%) YES
Pressure Conditions(operating and transport & storage) (50 to 106 kpa) YES
Power sources Battery operated
Battery Type Reachareable lithium polymer
Battery Rating IP*4
Battery run time at normal delivery rate in hours 5 hour
Battery run time at highest delivery rate in hours 2-3 hrs
Battery recharge time (full charge) in hours 2 hour
Power Supply 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz) (3 wire grounded system) YES
Eectrical Protection (Class I, Type CF) YES
Fuse Type 220V 2A*2, 12V 2A*2
Maximum Power Consumption in watt 5 Watt
Fitting of device on the IV bottle and bag No
IR Sensor to detect the abnormality in IV Bag or bottle No
Audible and Visual alarm facility Should have an audible and visual alarm wtth automatic pump stop function for the following : pressure drop, air standby, volume infused, door open, battery Pre-alarm, recall, invalid rate, empty etc
Availability of Infusion mode setting(rate mode,drip mode,wait mode,time mode) Yes
Protection against fluid ingress – IP*1 – Protected against vertically falling drops of water YES
Capability of Motioning of empty Intravenous bags or bottles No
Warranty in Years 3

Dimensional & Material Parameters

Dimension (Excluding power cables)(mm x mm x mm) 275*150*135
Weight(with clamp base)in kg 2.2 kilogram
Material (Outer Shell) ABS PLASTIC

Additional Parameters

Pole clamp Multi-function mounting clamp YES
Quick titration of rate or dose with volume timing programming YES
Compatible with any standard (PVC) infusion sets available in local indian market YES
Features : compatible with all standard syringes (b) excellent injection function and operation, even small volume injection is accurate (c) dual cpu monitoring function (d)accurate and sensitive pressure sensor detects occlusion pressure accurately (e) smart pulsation compensation function
No of infusion sets supplied with the single unit 1
Packing (Individual) YES


Type tests reports from a Central Govt lab OR International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)or their worldwide affiliated/ recognized labs OR NABL approved lab No
Test Report No NA
Test Report Date NA
Name and complete address of the Lab NA
Copy of certificates to be provided to buyer on demand after placement of order (Applicable if availability of test report indicated as YES, otherwise put NA) NA


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