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Confirmity to Infantometer as per ICDS standards Yes

Performance Parameters

Infantometer (Portable Board Must designed to measure length of baby in Recumbent Position) Yes
Firm and Flat Horizontal Surface Yes
Graduation for Infantometer (cm) 0.1 cm
Accuracy for Infantometer (cm) +/-0.1cm
Precision for Infantometer (cm) +/-0.1cm
Warranty in Years 2

Dimensional And Material Parameters

Unit of Measurement Centimeters
Width of board for infantometer in cm Approx 30 cm
Length of Infantometer For Measuring in cm 100 centimeter
Weight of Infantometer (in kg) 1.5 kilogram
Material of board ABS Material make (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).
Thickness of Material of Board 6 millimeter

Additional Features

Availability of Fold Up mechanism Yes
Double sided Graduation for easy measurements and orientation of numeral on the measurement parallel to the board for facilitiating quick and easy reading of the results Yes
Durable and Resistance to effect of excessive Humidity, High temperature Yes
Low weight , compact and easy to transport Yes
No part should be loose and shaky during transportation Yes
Simple and fast set up no tools(screw driver etc) required Yes
Water Resistant and Shock Resistant Yes
Free from Sharp Edges and Corners Yes
Availability of angled edges(Curved Edges) to prevent baby from roling sidelong Yes
Fixed Head board and smoothy Moving foot Board Yes
Long lasting and easy to read in Low Lights Yes
No need for calibration all parts to be in fixed position Yes
Stable Connections assuring Accurate measurement Yes
A Movable Foot Piece Perpendicular to the measuring Board Yes
Antiskid features Yes
Carry bag of Standard quality Yes
Instructions for use,training, maintenance and trouble shooting in English,Hindi and any other regional laungase as required by buyer appropriately illustrated with pictograms Yes
Packed in a carton box which should be of sturdy quality and provides adequate protection of goods whille in transportation Yes


Model approval from Director (Legal Metrology) Department Yes
Certificate Number and Date form Director ( legal Metrology ) Department IND/09/18/72, DT : 21.02.2018
Type Test Cerificate including Environmental conditions from Regional Reference and Standard Laboratory (RRSL) Yes
RRSL Certificate Number,Date and Address RRSL/F/CAL/012/2018-19, DT: 22.05.2018, FARIDABAD
Calibration from concerned weight and measurement controllerate to be obtained at the time of supplies Yes
Model approval certificate,Type test and calibration certificate to be furnished if asked by buyer at the time of supplies Yes


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