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Standard Parameter

Conformity to standard for safety & electromagnetic compatibility IEC-60601-1-2:2001 Standard or IS-13450

Performance Parameter

Purpose ICU Bed are required to be used in Intensive Care Unit for comfort of Patient & facilitate comfortable transfer to & from Emergency/ OT/ Ward etc. & also to carry out point of care process including Radio-logical procedure at bed side
Type of ICU Bed Actuator Electro-Mechanical (Motorized )
Type of mechanism for functioning or controlling angular motion of bed part Hydraulic mechanism (Motorized)
Type of mechanism for functioning or controlling Height of bed Super Smooth Crank Screw Mechanism
Number of section provided in Bed Top 4
Base frame and support frame should be fabricated using metallic square / rectangular section of adequate cross section and thickness to provide high structural strength and stability Yes
Bed top perforated Yes
Bed should have radio translucent top (X-Ray translucent) Yes
Availabilty side panel/Side safety guard Yes
Type of side panel Collapsible type
Number of Side panel 1
Availability Head & Foot panel/Board Yes
Shape of Head & Foot panel /Board C-type
Type of Head & foot Panel Detachable type
Material of head and foot panel ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene)
Availability of good grip for head/foot or side panel Yes
Slots for IV rod at four corners provided Yes
Number of hooks provided in IV rod 4
Availability of rectangular telesccopic tube box housing for tension spring Yes
Degree Angle & Height indicator shall be provided at both foot & head side Yes
X-Ray film holder used from Both side
Type of X-Ray Film holder Cassettle Based System
Power of motor in HP(for non motorized put NA) 0.8 hp
Better quality bearing should be used Yes
Avaiability of patient constraint belt provided on both side of bed yes
Availability of Noiseless, non rusting swivel castor wheel/ roller with for easy Mobility & Steering yes
Facility of braking and locking mechanism provided in castor roller Yes
Number of caster to which braking system provided 2
Availiability Corner buffer in all four corner to protect patient from collision shock Yes
Safe working load capacity of ICU bed in kg 250
Facility of instant non powered/mechanical CPR( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) release at the head end for emergency Yes
Lilen Holder/Urine Bag holder provided Yes
Accessory Rail Provided at all four side of bed Yes
Mattress provided with ICU bed Yes
ICU mattress must X-ray translucent Yes
Mattress foam of the Bed should be with Anti Microbial agent incorporated into all components that assists in Prohibiting growth of bacteria & fungi and easy to clean Yes
Mattress shall be made of High resilient & bio-density foam Yes
Mattress should be translucent to allow radiography using portable X-ray machines Yes
Mattress should be made in cube cut design & independent cubes promote air flow to reduce moisture Yes
Material for ICU Bed Mattress PU Foam
Maximum thickness of Mattress in mm with tolerance of ± 2 mm 100
Approx foam Density for Head/sacrum in kg/m3 tolerance 40
Approx foam Density for Heel in kg/m3 30
Therapeutic Weight limit for mattress in kg 150
Operating temperature & humidity for ICU bed 10 -40 Deg C and relative humidity of 15-90%
Power Supply ( as appropriate fitted with Indian plug) Single phase 230 Volt, 50 Hz ( AC Supply )
Facility of Resettable overcurrent breaker shall be fitted for protection Yes
ICU Bed frame and top must be Rust Proof Yes
Type of powder/Paint coating done to ICU Bed frame,top & side panel Epoxy Polyester Coating 50-60 microns
ICU Bed should be made up of high quality metal, pretreated with materials providing good finish, scratch resistant, bacteriostatic coating Yes
Process used for pre chemically treatment of metallic bed component Dip tank processes
Facility of easily cleaning /maintenance to ICU Bed Yes
Warranty in years 3
Product instruction manual shall be supplied Yes
Standard Tool Kit for maintananace and Trouble Shooting to be provided with ICU bed Yes
Demonstration of working to be provided after completing supplies before Acceptance No demonstration provided

Dimensional & Material Parameter

Material for the frame of bed MS
Material for side railling/ Side Safety guard SS
Material for Head & Foot Panel/Board ABS Plastic
Material for Bed top Section ABS Plastic
Material of wheels Polyester
Material for IV rod with chromium plated SS
Maximum Adjustable Back Rest Angle in Degree 0-70
Maximum Adjustable Knee Rest Angle in Degree 0-40
Diameter of Castor Roller in mm 130-150
Maximum Trendlenburg Angle in Degree with tolerance ±2 degree 15
Maximum Reverse Trendlenburg Angle in Degree with tolerance ± 2 degree 15
Bed height adjustibility range in mm 500-900
Mean coil diameter of tension spring used in counter weight mechanism in mm N/A for Super Smooth Crank Screw Mechanism & Hyraulic mechanism for height
Spring coil diameter used in counter weight mechanism in mm N/A for Super Smooth Crank Screw Mechanism & Hyraulic mechanism for height
Clearance between Bed Base frame and Floor surface in mm 120
Length of bed in mm with 2% tolerance 2100-2200
Width of bed in mm with 2% tolerance 950-1000
Weight of ICU Bed in Kg 120

Additional Parameters

Spares ICU Bed Mainframe supplied Not supplied
Spares Pair of Bed Ends, detachable supplied Not supplied
Spares Collapsible side rails supplied Not supplied
Spares IV Rods supplied Not Supplied
Spares Matress simmilar to one supplied with ICU bed not supplied


Certifications for Product BIS
Electric Shock Protection level-Class-B/class-1 Yes
Availability of ISO certification with manufacturer Yes
ISO certification Number and Date if ISO certificate not availiable then put NA MD/1511/17 DT.26/05/2017
Copies of test Reports/certificates and other certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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