High Temperature Steam Disinfection System

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Certifications for the product CE
Certification number and date 9130.NUOP Dated: 03.07.2018

Basic Configuration Of The Machine

Purpose Should produce super heated, saturated atomized steam for disinfection of the surfaces
Maximum Temperature of steam achieved for proper disinfection of surfaces in a short contact time in degree centigrade 180
Material of Boiler Re-enforced Stainless steel AISI 316
Boiler Pressure in bars 6
Produced steam from boiler is further heated in an expansion chamber to achieve high temperature and low pressure Yes
Steam should be delivered at low pressure Yes
The heating element shall have long life Yes
There should be an automatic refill system of transferring water from the tank into the boiler for unlimited operation time Yes
Capacity of tank provided for storing water in liters 4
Boiler pressure is monitored constantly Yes
Maximum steam quantity in gms per minute 100
The steam quantity shall be continuously variable Yes
Provision of nozzle to deliver generated steam Yes
Delivery nozzle should have system for further heating the steam to bring it to highest temperature Yes
The system shall produce near dry steam Yes
Steam should evaporate from surfaces after treatment immediately, without any residual moisture Yes
The type of surfaces on which generated steam can be used for disinfection Wood,Plastics,Metals,Fabric,Glass,Concrete and electronic equipment
Provision to attatch sanitizer bottle to the steam nozzle Yes
System uses an additional sanitizing agent for higher efficacy Yes
The mixture of steam and sanitizer is safe to be used in presence of personnel Yes
The sanitizer when used shall work with over heated dry saturated steam to provide proper sanitation Yes
Size of sanitizer bottle in ml 50 ml
The equipment shall be portable Yes
There should not be any need for the steam delivery nozzle to come in to contact with the surfaces to be sanitized Yes
Steam and sanitizer delivery can be controlled from handle Yes
Start up time in minutes 5
Material of pulling handle of machine SS
Main Body material Powder coated MS
Type of control system Microprocessor controlled
Type of display LED
Over heating protection Yes
Power consumption <3000 W
Electrical cable length in meters 5
No of castor wheel 4
Provision of brake Yes
Provision of manual cable winder in back of machine Yes
Hose length in meters 3
Noise level when working in dB 54
Power supply 230 V 50 hZ AC , single phase
The equipment might be required to be installed at remote/ field location anywhere in India, OEM authorized service centers will provide prompt  Installation, user training, service on-site  as and when required Yes
No of bottles Sanitizer supplied with machine 50
Technical demonstration and training to be arranged at buyer’s premises after delivery of equipment Yes
Warranty in years 3


ISO Certification for Manufacturer ISO 9001
Certification for Environmental Manage Systems ISO 14001
Certification for Quality Management Systems ISO 13485
Availability of Type test certificate from Government/NABL/ILAC approved laboratory Yes
Name of the lab issuing type test report Shree Balaji Test Lab (Pvt) Ltd.
Address of the lab issuing type test report C-181, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi – 110028
Copies of certifications and test reports to be submitted to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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