Hand Held Slit Lamp (RBSK)

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Product Binocular Hand held, slit lamp bio microscope, portable
Type Hand held slit lamp, digital
Purpose To examine the anterior eye segment, from the cornea epithelium to the Posterior capsule and diagnoses or trauma which affects the structural properties of the anterior eye segment
Utility New borns, Infants, Paediatrics, Adults, wheelchair-bound, or bed-ridden patients


Compact design, light weight, easy to carry and use Yes
Optics Converging binoculars at 13″
Magnification 10x and 16x, lever change
Objective lens working distance @10x 100mm
Objective lens working distance @16x 80mm
Field of view @10x 16mm
Field of view @16x 10.5mm
PD Range (mm) 50 to 75
Eyepiece dioptric adjustment range +/- 7D
Inter pupilary distance (IPD) 49.0mm to 77.0mm (converging), or 38.0mm to 85mm (parallel)
Objective lens focal distance 107mm
Objective lens convergence angle 13
Slit lamp type Rotating slit wheel selection slit lamp
Slit length (mm) 12mm (1.0mm – 12mm continuously variable)
Slit width (mm) Continuously variable from 0 to 12
Slit angle +/-30 degree
Aperture diameters (mm) 12
Filters Cobalt blue
IR protection In-built IR cut filter
Blue interference filter (FITC) for Corneal examination Yes
Illumination control Continuously variable from low to full brightness
Light source White LED
Slit lamp 6V, 20W Halogen bulb
Maximum illuminance >=30000 Lux
XHL Xenon Halogen Technology(2 decimel 5V OR 3 decimel 5V) for bright, white light illumination Yes
Focus mode Digital
Image resolution (Pixel) 1920×1080


Multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission Yes
Increase or reduce light intensity by means of rheostat located below the eyepieces on the rear of the grip/handle Yes
Hand held unit incorporates rechargeable battery powering the illumination system Yes
Additional detachable Eyepiece Yes
Light weight and Compact Yes
Rechargeable handle and transformer with plug-in transformer Yes
Double click trigger located on the front of the grip/handle Yes
Hand Held device size (LxWxD) (mmxmmxmm) 238x116x210
Docking station size (LxWxD) (mmxmmxmm) 205x138x40
Hand held device weight (gm) 900
Docking station weight (gm) 300
Net Weight (gm) 700 to 1500


Input voltage Battery operated
Input power 18VA
Rechargeable battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 7.4V, 2200mAh
Battery backup (hrs) 4


Packing kit contains Product operating manual, warranty card, Main and auxilliary spares viz Re-chargeable handle, Test Bar, Power cord, 2x Rubber eye caps, spare bulb etc, Dehumidifier, Cleaning brush, Cleaning cloth, Battery in a Aluminium carry case or hard case Yes
Packing Individually packed


Capable of stored continuously in ambient storage conditions in ideal circumstances 0 deg C to 50 deg C, 15 to 90% RH
Capable of operating continuously in ambient conditions in ideal circumstances 10 deg C to 40 deg C, 15 to 90% RH


Submission of Test Report from Central Government/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab to prove the conformity to declared specification at the time of supply YES
Product certification ISO 13485
Certification, performance and safety standards specific to the device ISO 13485:2012
Submission of all the certifications and test reports to the buyer along with supplies on demand Yes


Supplier to perform installation, safety and operation checks before handover Yes
Training of users in operation and basic maintenance shall be provided Yes


Warranty (Yrs) 3
User technical and maintenance manual detailing complete maintaining schedule with routine maintenance should be provided Yes
Contact details of manufacturer, supplier and local service agent to be provided Yes


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