Fluid Absorbent Body Cover Bag or Emergency medical services disaster body pouches

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Size suitability For Infant Bodies(I)
Fluid Absorbent Body Cover Bag Application Managing Bodies in Natural or Man made Disaster situations such as Fire, Earthquake, Floods, Riot, any type of accidents etc. Preventing rescue team getting from infection from the bodies
Dimension when stretcher is open (L x W ) 22″x 30″ inch
Dimension when stretcher is close (L x W) 13″x 12″ inch
Suitable to use as use in dropping Food Packets/Medicine Yes


Constructional Material Top & Bottom material 200 GSM/ 250 GSM cross laminated, UV stabilized polyethylene film
Absorbing Material Replaceable Fluid Absorbing Pad material 250- 350 gsm hydrophilic Polypropylene covered with 40gsm-60 gsm non woven spun -bond hydrophilic Polypropylene.
Handles Counts Two large carry handles – One on each side)
Handle Material 38 mm wide Nylon Belt
Zip and Runner for Infant body bag Zip – 8 no. with 2 Runner dual opening envelope style rust resistant in L shape
Operating Temperature The material does not crack at the temperature range of -20 to 60 Degrees.
Fold /layers 4 folds/ 5 layers
Replaceable Fluid Absorbing Pad Dimension 21” x 27″ in inch for I
Identification Tag Body Tag- One 5″x8’’Label for identification of body with marker pen.
Heat Sealing The bag is heat sealed and there is no leakage for fluid (water) from the bag
Covering bag Covering Bag for victim/Bodies belongings Provide Locking facility.
Length of Nylon Rope with hook attached in cover bag for draw or pull victims 12 m
Breaking Strength of Nylon Rope minimum 1000 kilogram
Precautional Equipments Precautional Equipment with Carbon Mask/N-95 Mask, set of Hand Gloves, Bleaching Powder / Eucalyptus oil/ Disinfecting liquid etc., Gauze for Binding Victim/ Body.
Accessories NA for I
Covering Bag Water proof covering bag with chain locking facility for victims belonging and Safety Items


Replaceable Fluid Absorbing Pad Absorbent Capacity ≥1000 ml. for Infant Bodies (I)
Body Bag Weight ≤ 500 gram for Infant Bodies (I)
Load carrying capacity 20 Kg for Infant Bodies (I)
Load Carrying Mechanism for Infant Bodies (I),The bag is horizontally lift able through helicopter or crane using lifting slings and with stood 50 LBS. of lifting load without tearing or breakage.


Availability of Test Report from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC acredited lab to prove confirmity of product for declared parameters Yes
Name and address of lab/ certifying authority CIPET Aurangabad
Test Report No & Date CIPET1519 21/12/2018
Test report to be submitted to the buyer on demand Yes
Warranty 10 years


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