ENT (Ear nose throat) Workstation

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Main Unit Configuration

Material of main unit of ENT Unit High Quality Steel, Non Rusting
Coating of anti fungal and antibacterial and easy to clean and disinfect Yes
Storage Drawers Provided 2
Number of drawers with UV sterilisation Not provided
Provision of Dust Protection Cover for the unit Yes
Provision of heating system to heat the instruments , laryngeal mirrors endoscopes Yes
Provision of of Pull Out writing desk Stainless Steel 304
Autoclavable Instrument trays PROVIDED Stainless Steel 304
Tray for USED Instruments Stainless Steel 304
Waranty for the Work Station excluding Accessories such as Camera System,Microscope and CAUTERY System etc (If any other accessories not included with unit these shall be excluded) 5

Endoscope Storage In Main Unit

Storage facility for rigid endoscope (Heated) , Autoclavable and removable provided in the unit 2
Storage for rigid used endoscope Autoclavable and removable provided with unit 2
Storage for Flexible FNL scope, Autoclavable and removable provided with unit 1

Compressed Air System In Main Unit

Provision of Inbuilt compressed air system for medicament sprays-atomisers with Regulation valve and manometer display Yes
Maximum Range of Compressed air system 0.1 bar to 2.5 bar
Quantity of Atomisers provided at time of supplies 2 Liquid, 2 Powder
Material of medication reservoir Glass

Suction System In Main Unit

Provision of Inbuilt Noiseless Suction system Yes
Maximum Capacity of inbuilt suction motor in (Litre/Min) 50
Additional suction system for spit bowl/rinsing funnel Yes
Provision of regulation valve and vacuum gauge for suction adjustment for use in children Yes
Provision of , bacterial filters, 1500 mililiters or more suction reservoir and effective alarm to prevent overflow attached to main unit Yes
Availability of automatic ON/OFF for suction when the handle is lifted Yes

Ear Syringing/Rinsing System In Main Unit

Facility of Warm water rinsing system at 37 deg temp for Ear Syringing Yes
Facility of autoclavable and reusable canulas for fine spray Yes
Facility of Separate stainless steel tank to prevent mineral build up and heat up to 38 degree temperature Yes

Light Source & Headlamp In Main Unit

Light Source Provided LED Light with intensity equal to 150 watt halogen lamp
Lamp Life in hours 30000
Number of Light source with separate universal outlet 1
Availability of Leather up-holstered Headlamp with adjustable spot Battery Type
Power supply of main unit 220-240 V / 50 Hz Single phase

Additional Parameters

Gallery/ Upper shelf for keeping Devices Provided Yes
Dispenser for cotton and Tongue Holding paper provided Yes
Unit Equipped with foot operated waste container Yes
Number of Integrated Power outlets for connecting additional/ Inbuilt devices 4
Mirror Heater Block for 50 or more mirrors provided Yes
SS Tongue Depressor Holder Provided Yes
SS Ear Speculum Holder Provided Yes
Storage Cabinet with drawers attached to the main unit Provided Yes
Automatic liquid container discharge system Yes
X ray viewer with on-off switch Yes
Facility for acoustic analysis / recording of voice signal (multi dimensional voice profile software) , archiving & recording device & taking report No
Otoscope Provided with fiberoptic illumination with all size ear speculum including seigel’s pneumatic speculum, 3.5 volt halogen bulb with 5 spare bulbs, heavy duty handles with charger and chargeable battery along with a spare battery
Facility of Stroboscopy , integrated with the unit No

Cautery System

Cautey sytem Provided with ENT Work Station Yes
Details of Cautery System Provided 80 to 100 W Mono and Bipolar cautery system with set of Reusable cables & probes/forceps for ENT Procedures
Make of Cautery System Provided Others
If others please indicate Make and if not provided put NA SUNTEM
Warranty for cautery if provided with work station 3

Microscope System

Microscope Syatem Provided with ENT Work station Yes
Details of Microscopic System Provided with ENT Work Station Binacular ENT Microscope with 12.5 X Zoom Focal 250mm with fine focussing with inbuilt LED Light source
Magnification Changer Range for Microscope System 3 Step
Integrated Green Filter for Microscope system Yes
Eyepiece for spectacle wearers provided with microscope system Yes
Mounting type in case of Microscope Floor mountable
Adjustible Handle for Microscope Yes
Beam Splitter with camera head adapter for Microscope Yes
Make of Microscope System Provided Labomed
If others indicated for make of microscope please indicate Make Name and if Microscope not provided put NA LABOMED
Warranty For Microscope if provided with work station 3


Camera System Provided Single Chip
Type of Chip CCD/CMOS
Resolution HD Camera with DVI/HDMI O/P
HD Monitor Medical Grade 24 inch
Mounting of Monitor Unit Mounted
Make of Camera System Provided Others
If others indicated as Make for Camera please indicate make if not provided put NA SUNTEM
Warranty for Camera System if provided with work Station 3
Compatible system for easy recording of images and videos in HD digital formats, easily transferable to external hard disk drive, USB pendrive and data cards without losing resolution Yes


Patient Chair Provided with Work Station Yes
Type of Patient Chair Motorized only
ENT Patient Examination Chair must have lifting mechanism and height adjustment Yes
Backrest adjustable and can be made to incline 10 degree forward to vertical position and backward completely to a horizontal position and can be rolled back Yes
Synchronized motion of Back rest and leg rest Yes

Doctors Chair

Doctor Chair Provided with work station Yes
Doctor’s Chair/ Stool should have back rest and Wide base, 360 deg rotataion, should have rolling casters with brakes for easy movement Yes


ENT Endoscopes Provided with Work Station Yes
Nasal Endoscope, Wide View, Diameter 4 mm, Working Length 175-180 mm, Autoclavable provided
Rigid Nasal Endoscope
EAR Endoscope NA if endoscope not provided
Rigid ear telescope, Wide view, Size 3 mm diameter, 6 cm length, Autoclavable provided NA if endoscope not provided
Laryngoscope, Wide View, Diameter 8 mm, Working Length 190 mm, Autoclavable provided NA if laryngoscope not provided
Laryngoscope, Wide View, Diameter 11 mm, Working Length 190 mm, Autoclavable provided NA if laryngoscope not provided
Flexible Laryngoscope NA if laryngoscope not provided
Make of endoscope provided with ENT work station put NA if not provided SUNTEM
Warranty for Endoscope if provided with work station 3

Power Supply

Power Supply for ENT Work Station 220-240 Volt/50 HZ Single Phase
Power Back Up Provided Not Provided
Back up time NA if Back up not provided
Number of Fibro-optic light cable Not provided


Certification of the Product CE
Certification number and date with name of Certification CERTIFICATION NUMBER :- 454545 , DATED :- 01-02-19
Certifications of Manufacturer ISO 13485
The work ststion to be installed,and demonstartion and training to be provided by seller before acceptance Yes
Copies of all certifications to be furnished to buyer when demanded Yes


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