Electro Cautery Machine

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Confirmity to Safety and Quality Standards CE
Certification date and number NO. UQ-12807 & DATE 22/MAY/2019

Performance Parameters

Microprocessor controlled Surgical Generator Yes
Conformity to stanadard for electrical safety & Electromagnetic compatibility IEC-60601-1-2:2001 Standard or IS-13450
Type of Output of Electro Surgical Generator Monopolar and Bipolar outputs designed for all surgical procedures including general surgery, gynecology, minimal invasive surgery, Orthopaedic and Oral surgery
Machine Should be able to monitor changes in tissue impedance continuously and adjusts power Yes
Low cut mode of the Monopolar Out put For delicate tissue or Laparoscopic cases having at least power of 300 watts or more
Pure cut mode of monopolar Out put For clean, precise cut in general surgery having at least power of 200 W or more
Blend mode of Monopolar output cutting mode For cutting with homeostasis having at least power of 200W or more.
Adjustability of out put power indifferent cut modes depending on tissue density by less than 15% or 5 w whichever is greater
No of coagulation modes available 3
Maximum power in coagulation mode 120 w
No of Bipolar modes available 4
Maximum power of Bipolar mode 80 w
Patient plate monitoring facility Yes
Bipolar current meter Yes
Power efficiency 98 or more than 98
Availibility of Advance Cutting modes For skin incision
“audio visual alarm and deactivate output Facility if contact between patient and patient plate is not proper” Yes
Automatic stop facility in case of any error Yes
Number of hand switch for monopolar mode 2
Number of foot switch for monopolar mode 2
No of hand switch for Bipolar mode 1
No of foot switch for bipolar mode 1
Type of key board for power settings membrane key board
Type of Display LED
No of segments of display 7
Display for power individual display for Bipolar and Monopolar cut and Monopolar coagulation
RF leakage current in mA 100
Power supply 230V (+ / – 15%) 50Hz
Tropicalization: operating Temp and humidity upto 40Deg. C and relative humidity up to 85%
Overall dimensions in mm x mm x mm 330 x 250 x 120
Weight in kg 6
Instruction Manual Yes
Warranty in years 5

Additional Parameters

Availability of trolley with lockable Castor wheel No
Monopolar Foot Switch supplied 1
Bipolar Foot Switch 1
Hand Switching Pencil Single used
Number hand switching pencil 10
Patient plate Single used
Number of patient plate 10
Bipolar forceps 1
Forceps cord 1
universal adaptor 1
Leep Electrodes Not supplied


ISO certification for Manufacturer Yes
ISO certification date and number ISO 9001:2015 NO. UQ-12810 & DATE 22/MAY/2019
Availability of test report from central govt/ NABL/ILAC accredited lab covering all parameters Yes
Test report number if test report not available put NA 113045786
Test report date if test report not available put NA 13/4/14
Name of test lab if test report not available put NA MSME
Address of test lab if test report not available put NA MSME LAB DELHI
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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