Eco-Friendly Disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide + Silver Nitrate)

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Product Description Eco- Friendly Disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide + Silver Nitrate)
Purpose Ariel Fumigation, Surface disinfection, instrument disinfection, water disinfection etc in hospitals, medical facilities and pharmaceutical plants.
Areas of Application To disinfect operation theatres, ICUs, polyclinics, pathology labs, diagnostic laboratories, surfaces of hospitals, microbiological labs, manufacturing areas of drugs and pharmaceuticals, storage tanks, loop systems etc.
Hydrogen Peroxide Strength (% w/v) 13% w/v
Silver Nitrate Strength (% w/v) 0.04% w/v
Completely inactivates all forms of bacteria, fungi and viruses Yes
Non toxic and eco-friendly Yes
Non irritating to the eyes Yes
Non Carcinogenic and Non Mutagenic Yes
Chlorine Free Yes
Clear as water Yes
pH value 2
Odourless Yes
Miscible with water in any ratio Yes
Storage condition COOL AND DRY AREA


Type of Seller Authorized reseller
Availability of Valid Drug Manufacturing License issued by Drug authority, if manufacturer Yes
Drug Manufacturing License Number, if manufacturer 16/UA/2013
Drug Manufacturing License Date VALIDITY 02/08/2021
Availability of Valid sale License issued by Drug authority, if not manufacturer Yes
Valid Drug Sale License Number, if not manufacturer 107(993/994)20B,21B
Valid Drug Sale License Date VALIDITY 03/11/2021
Certifications Available ISO,EU-CE,GMP,WHO-GMP
Availability of safety data sheet of the product Yes
Availability of Test report from Central Govt/State Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab to prove the conformity to the declared specification Yes
Submission of copies of all the certifications, licenses and test reports to the buyer on demand Yes


Packed in a suitable well closed container and the container should not have any deleterious effect on the product Yes
Pack Size 1 Liter
The container shall be labelled and marked as per Drugs and cosmetics act Yes
Price Unit Each Container


Shelf Life (Years) from the date of manufacturing 1
The product should have shelf life of at least 2/3rd of the total shelf life at the time of supply Yes


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