Distance Vision testing drum -(RBSK)



Product Distance Vision Testing drum
Type Reverse test type, vision test drum with all tests
Purpose For testing distance vision


Design suits all refraction rooms and easily mountable on refraction unit and wall Yes
Compact and light weight Yes
Chart functions operation type Manually operated
Drum is supplied with two remote controls Remote control with cord and Cord-less remote control
Remote control with cord can be used for stand by and emergency use when cord-less remote is not working properly NA
Both the remote controls can be used simultaneously NA
Suitable mounting arrangements for wall mounting Yes
Test chart type Four language test chart
Test functions of chart and their sequence Any four languages out of these – dots, english, any regional language, numbers or pictures, hindi, ‘c’ or ‘e’ chart
Operation of E or C chart up or down movement Manually operated
Operation of Vision test light for on and off Manually operated by switch
Operation of Spot light on and off for retinoscopy Manually operated by switch
Operation of Colour test light on and off Manually operated by switch
Operation of Duochrome test light on and off Manually operated by switch
Pleasing color to match all interiors Yes
Include colour deficiency test Yes
Chart available up to 6/4 vision (over correction) Yes


Size of unit (HxWxL) (mmxmmxmm) 135x340x325
Weight of unit (Kg) 4


Power Supply (Main) 230 -/+10%, Single Phase AC, 50Hz
Battery-cell for cordless remote control 9v battery


Unit should be supplied with high grade thermocol packing in cardboard box to avoid possible transit damage Yes
Packing Individually packed


Product certification ISO 13485
Submission of all the certifications and reports to the buyer along with supplies on demand Yes


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