Disposable Surgical Rubber Gloves – Prepowdered

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Product description Disposable Surgical Rubber Gloves conforming to IS:13422/1989 (RA 2003) -prepowdered
Types Type 1
Single use Yes
Sterilized gloves Yes


Conformity to standard IS:13422/1992 (Reaffirmed 2003)
Product is ISI Marked Yes
BIS Licence No (CM/L No) 4661670


Designation of Size of gloves as per Table 1 of IS:13422/1992(RA 2003) 6.0 1/2
Minimum length (mm) 265
Width (mm) 76+/-6
Minimum Thickness of Finger, Palm and Cuff (mm) 0.1
The thickness of the cuff when measured using a gauge with a 5mm diameter foot shall not exceed 3mm Yes


Material of the gloves Natural Rubber Latex Concentrate
Surface treatment with lubricant or powder provided to facilitate donning of gloves as per Cl 5 decimel 1 of IS 13422/1992 (RA 2003) Yes
Lubricant or powder material used for surface treatment is Bio-absorbable, Non-toxic and Non-pyrogenic Yes
Material composition of lubricant or powder used YES


Cuf of the glove shall be resistant to tear Yes
Construction of the cuf shall fit closely without tendency to roll back or ruckle while in use Yes
Compliance to Cl 5 decimel 3 of IS:13422/1992 (RA 2003) in respect of Physical properties Yes
Compliance to Cl 5 decimel 5 of IS:13422/1992 (RA 2003) in respect of Air Tight test Yes
Compliance to Cl 5 decimel 4 of IS:13422/1992 (RA 2003) in respect of Sterility test Yes


Packaging shall be provided to maintain sterility after sterilization during shipping and storage and to permit opening without contamination of the gloves as given in Cl 8 decimel 1 of IS:13422/1992 (RA 2003) Yes
Marking As per Cl 8.2 of IS:13422/1992(RA 2003)


Avaliability of Test report from Government / NABL / ILAC acredited Laboratory to prove conforming to the declared specification Yes
Test report Number and date RP1516032368 06/6/15
Name and address of Test Lab ERDA VADODARA
Certification Available ISO
Submission of all the test reports to the buyer along with supplies on demand Yes


Shelf life/warranty 1
Minimum Shelf life at the time of supply 2/3rd of total shelf life


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