Dental X Ray Machine

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Conformity to Standards CE (with 4 digit notified number)
Certification number and date CE – 4188 Date: 22/01/2019
Type test approval from AERB required Yes
AERB type test certificate date and number 19-TA362057 Date: 12/02/2019
Electrical safety standards IEC- 60601/ IS 13450

Performance Parameters

Purpose Dental X ray machine is used for taking Intra Oral Periapical and Occlusal X ray
Tube voltage in KV 70 KV
Availability of selection option for Bisecting angle technique & Parallel Technique Yes
Tube current in mA 7 – 8 mA
Focal spot in mm 0.8
Should have Total filtration and Inherent Filtration Yes
Total filtration in mm Al 2
Inherent filtration in mm Al 0.5
Minimum range of exposure time in sec 2
Power supply 220-240 V , 50 Hz single phase
Based on DC Current Yes
RVG / X ray Film compatible Yes
Machine should have a stable base with sturdy locking wheel mechanism Yes
Machine shall be wall mountable Yes
Should have digital control equipped with an easy ready display indicating with precision Yes
Stool for the patient provided No
Warranty in Years 3

Additional Parameters

Should have high voltage generator with high efficiency in the emission of the X rays Yes
Should have free swivel head, which allows easy positioning of head Yes
Number of light weight lead equivalent aprons 2 (with lead thickness 0.5 mm)
To be supplied with Thyroid shield Yes
User manuals to be supplied Yes


Manufacturer should have ISO certification Yes
ISO certification date and number 1315QE59 12/08/2016
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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