Dental Mouth Props -(RBSK)

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Product Description Dental Mouth Props
Clinical Purpose To keep the mouth open, wide and steady during a procedure
Utility Paediatrics
Conformity to IS:3393/1965 (Latest Revision) No
Reusable Yes
Autoclavable No


Material of Mouth Prop (Medical grade) Stainless Steel
Mouth prop with Chain No
Material of Chain NA
With Tongue Guard No
Mouth props Chromium Plated conforming to Grade C of IS : 1068-1958 No
Each mouth prop shall be provided with a 1 decimal 6 mm hole at the base to allow it to be used with a chain Yes
The surface of the mouth props shall be smoorh and free from pits, scratches, and grinding mark Yes
The edges shall be smooth and rounded off without any sharp edges Yes
Cleanable using alcohol and other chemical reagents Yes


Size of Mouth Props Small, Medium and Large
Dimensions As per Table 1 of IS:3393-1965


Each mouth prop shall be legibly and indelibly marked with the manufacturer’s name, initials or recognized trade-mark and the year of manufacture Yes
Product is ISI Marked No
CM/L No (if ISI Marked) 0


Packing mode Each piece
Packing type Wrapped in Tissue paper and then packed in cartons
A label shall be fixed on each carton indicating the manufacturer’s name, initials or trade-mark Yes
Price Unit Each Mouth prop


Product certification BIS
Submission of all the certifications from appropriate authority/laboratory and test reports to the buyer along with supplies on demand for conformity of the product to the declared specifications Yes


Warranty (Yrs) 1


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