Dental examination chairs

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Chair Unit Specifications

Dental Chair design:Should enable the operator to be in close proximity of the patient to provide optimum vision of the operating field and safe control of all component devices.
ErgonomicsThe chair should be designed to provide good ergonomics for both operator and assistant. Chair should have adjustable ergonomic headrest.
Power drive for Chair movements:Dental Chair shall be fully motorized, pneumatically / electrically driven, which gives smooth movement and non-jerky start and stop.
Power Input:220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Supply:Should have integrated power supply for fiber optic handpieces, piezo electric motor etc.
Type of Motor:Noiseless DC Motor for enabling chair movements.
Dental Chair Base:Cast-metal/alloy base with five title castors.
Corrosion resistance:Base and other structure of the Chair should have a corrosion resistant coating.
Concealed inlet & outlet:All the outlet & inlet for the services to the chair shall be concealed in the box. The Box as an infection control measure shall be located at the foot area of the chair or within the unit.
Valves:Provision of Built-in anti-retraction valves and flush valve system for infection control.
Usable storable height (minimum)840 mm
Width450 mm to 500 mm
Length (minimum)1830 mm( 6 feet)

Dental Chair Height Parameters

Dental Chair height adjustment:By electronically controlled electric motor
Lowest height of Dental Chair:between 300 – 450 mm
Height adjustment range:between 400 – 700 mm.
Height range:between 500 – 800 mm

Dental Chair Features & Sub Systems

Lumber Support:The Chair shall have two way adjustable lumbar support.
Backrest of Chair:The backrest of the dental chair shall be ultra thin, flexible, highly comfortable, seamless long life upholstery and should disinfectible.
Torso support:Height adjustable torso support with Height adjustable foot ring
Chair movement control:By Finger tip panel and also by user friendly foot control, with all the functions. It should at least two patient entry programs, 1- rinse, 2- exit
Toe movement facility:Facility of Toe movement. Toe should move up while backrest moves down.
Safety brake:Safety brake provision while going down for patient exit position.
Overhead Delivery SystemThe over head delivery system shall have balanced flax arms with pneumatic bracket. It shall have at least Five (5) delivery ports for various hand pieces, scalar and 3-way syringe(with autoclavable tip), (with 6 spare tips).
Air Rotor terminalsThe Dental Chair shall have minimum two high Speed Air Rotor terminals with water control on coupling with at least one fiber optic terminal. Should have one Air motor terminal with speed control preferably fibre optic, with speed range of 300 – 40000 RPM in standard mode with cutting power in the range between 50 – 70 watt. Should be provided with the Brushless.
Ultrasonic Scaler:one unit of in-built Piezon LED Ultrasonic Scaler (frequency 28-36 KHz) with 4 scaler tips and one set of perio-curette tips.
Hand piece control block:Hand piece control block with flow through water design to eliminate stagnant water:
Water Syringe:Autoclavable quick disconnect water syringe
Vacuum Suction:Provision of high vacuum suction unit on the assistant side of the dental chair, Medium vacuum suction and 3 way syringe.
Hand pieces to be supplied with Dental Chair unit:“Hand pieces (all European CE/ US FAD Certified Genuine instruments): Fibre Optic Air Rotor(scratch resistant, Titanium Body) – 1 No., Fibre Optic Micro-motor straight (scratch resistant, Titanium Body) – 1 No., Fibre Optic Miniature Air Motor hand piece – 1 No.”
Dental Camera System:Hi resolution LED Dental Camera system with digital signal processor along with ≥ 15” LCD Monitor mounted on the Dental chair.
Movable cuspidor box and Movable assistant control system shall have:“(i) Saliva ejector (ii) Autoclavable High volume evacuator (iii) Autoclavable 3-way syringe (iv) High quality stain proof vitreous China bowl with adjustable cup full and bowl rinse timers (v) Clean water bottle system.

Dental Chair Illumination Specifications

Light Source:Latest sensor operated Non touch (On/Off) LED Light, with luminosity of minimum 30000 to 40000 lux with maximum degree of rotation of light arm movements. With three position intensity with high, medium and composite settings.
LED type:LED light 5000 K cool light or similar high quality light.
Light Head with Axial movements:Horizontal, Vertical, Axial & Diagonal adjustment.

Air Compressor

Air Compressor Unit:Dental Chair with out Air Compressor unit.

Storage & Operating Conditions

Storage Conditions:Dental Chair unit is capable of being stored continuously in ambient temperatures of 0 – 50 degree centigrade and relative humidity of 15 – 90%


Certifications (proof to be produced by Seller on Buyer’s demand)US FDA,CE – European
Manufacturer’s ISO certification for quality standards; If the Manufacturer have ISO certification for quality standards (proof to be produced by Seller on Buyer’s demand):Yes
Electrical safety conforms standards for electrical safetyIEC60601-1(OREQUIVALENT international/ national standard) General requirement for Electrical safety of Medical Equipment (proof to be produced by Seller on Buyer’s demand):Yes

Turnkey Work & Accessories

Scope of Installation:Installation of dental chair & development of operator’s work area [12 feet x 12 feet area per dental chair unit] as per scope defined at tnc
Accessories (to be supplied with each Dental Chair unit):As per OEM list and one unit of X-Ray viewer (LED Based)


User/Technical/ Maintenance manuals to be supplied in EnglishYES
Certificate of calibration and inspectionYES
List of important spare parts and accessories with their part number and costing, List of Equipment available for providing calibration and routine Preventive Maintenance Support, as per manufacturer documentation in service/ technical manual:YES
Log book with instructions for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance checklist, the job description of the hospital technician and company service engineer should be clearly spelt outYES

Warranty & CMC

Warranty Period5 year
Whether Seller agrees to enter in to Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) with the Buyer at the expiry of warranty period as per mutually agreed rate between buyer and Seller?Yes
If Servo Voltage Stabliser of appropriate ratings meeting ISS specifications (input: 160-260 volt) and output 220-240 V , 50 Hz offered to be supplied with offered Dental Chair unitYes


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