Defibrillator with CPR Monitoring and TC Pacing

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Product Configuration And Features

Defibrillator should be light weight, small size with bright coloured display:Yes
Display screen size (diagonal)7 inch
Defibrillator should be Biphasic waveform with 3 waveform displayYes
Defibrillator should display selected and delivered energy, bothYes
Ability to select energy, from paddles as well as from the Defibrillator unitYes
Manual mode of the unit should provide energy selection at:1 to 10, 15, 20,30, 50, 70, 85, 100, 150, 200 joules
Have ability to measure chest compression rate and depth in real time with both visual and audible feedbackYes
Ability to display CPR index on screen real time:No
Have transcutaneous external pacing with 40 mili second pulse widthYes
Unit should do set test daily with facility to give print out of defibrillator testing report and also have code ready indicator on unitYes
Ability to filter out CPR artefacts and allowing person to see organised rhythms without interrupting chest compressionYes
Capability to monitor Parameter(s):ECG
Capability of internal defibrillation, if and when required?No
Accessories to be supplied with each unit of defibrillator:Li-ion battery – 1 no., NIBP paediatric/adult cuff with hose – 1 no. each, Reusable airway adapter to be used with ETCO2 mainstream sensor & cable – 1 no., Multi-function defibrillator/Pacing pads – 24 nos., Reusable CPR feedback sensor/or similar product reused at least on 90 patients – 2 nos.

Certification & Warranty

CertificationUS FDA approved
Warranty1 year


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