Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Device

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Performance Parameters

Principle of working Cordless ultrasonic dissection device produce high frequency ultrasonic energy for soft tissue incisions where bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired.
Application For Utilization in Laparoscopy surgeries that include General including upper gastrointestinal, Bariatric, Colorectal, Gynecological and Urological procedures
The components of the system Cordless Generator,Battery for Cordless Generator,Ultrasonic Dissector and Battery Charger
Length of the Shaft Length in cm 39
Method of activation of the device Hand Activation
The ultrasonic pulse generator should be cordless and directly connected to dissector Yes
The number of energy settings Two stage with two buttons
Frequency in KHz 45
Jaw length in mm 39
The device shall be completely cordless and no cord shall be required to be used in sterile area Yes
Device shall be composed of only single-use and reusable components for maximum efficiency and utilization in surgical specialties Yes
cordless feature and easeness in energy setting allows surgeons to remain focussed in the surgical field rather than on controls of the instrument for improved procedural focus Yes
Maximum vessel sealing size capacity of device in mm 7
Device shall have Simplified set up with a maximum of 10-15 sec set up time for ncreased efficiency in operation theater Yes
Type of Battery Lithium Polymer battery
Maximum reusable cycle for battery provided in hrs 100
Availability of spare batteries 2
No of sterilization cycles which generator can be subjected to for re use 100
Integrated LED feature available to provides device feedback Yes
Availability of battery charger Yes
No of bays of Battery Charger 4
Methods of Sterilization to be used for Ultrasonic Generator Low temp hydrogen Peroxide
Thermal Spread in mm less than 3 mm
sterilization tray to hold battery and generator to be provided Yes
Availability of 360º shaft rotation wheel yes
Availability of Audio speaker to give feed back Yes
Product Literature in original Photocopies/computer generated copies are not acceptable to be supplied Yes
The service requests when received shall be attended by the service cenres promptly and service centres shall be verified and approved by OEM and they shall be responsible to ensure prompt servicing Yes
OEM undertaking about making available all spares for a minimum period of 10 years should be available Yes
All software updates should be provided free of cost during Warranty period yes
Adequate training of personnel and standard interface interoperability conditions for networked equipment in hospital management information systems will be required to be given by seller yes
The unit shall be capable of being stored continuously in ambient temperature of 0 – 50 degree centigrade and humidity of 15-90% Yes
The unit shall be capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 – 40deg C and relative humidity of 15-90% Yes
Length of straight blade in mm 14.5
Technical training and demonstration for personnel involved in the use and handling of the equipment on site at the buyer/consignee end immediately after its installation Yes


Certifications for product US FDA
Certification no and date to be indicated 8097-4-2017 DATED 17.04.2017
Manufacturer should have ISO certification for quality standards Yes
ISO certification Date and Number 8097-4-2017 DATED 17.04.2017
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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