Cardiac Troponin T TEST KIT

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Purpose of Troponin T/I KitDiagnosis of myocardial infarction by determination of Cardiac Troponin T
Should be packed as single unit containing the kit anti coagulant syringYES
Suitable for Human Sample TypeBlood
Ability to Evaluate Negative or Positive test resultYES
Should measure the enzyme using only Kit & Blood, no other reagent should be neededYES
Weight (gms)200
Volume of Sample required for testing (micro lit)50
Recommended Storage Condition; Relative Humidity (%)2
Recommended Storage Condition; Temperature (Degree C)8
Recommended Operating Temp Range (o C)2
Recommended Operating Humidity Range (%)8
Certification AvailableYES
Dimensions L X B X H (mm x mmx mm)15x5x1
Max. Test Duration (Min)20


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