Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope -(RBSK)

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Product Binocular Indirect ophthalmoscope
Purpose To observe health of the retina and the vitreous humor
Utility Opthalmology


Compact design, light weight, easy to carry and use Yes
High Contrast and clear image Yes
Equipped with soft and comfortable upholstered padded headband Yes
Should have simple controls for adjusting the headband Yes
Illumination rheostat is located on the headband for easy accessibility and adjustable Yes
Should include various hand held lenses Yes
Should Have all pupil feature Yes
Should have Stereo optical system Yes
wide angle diffuser Yes
Filters Cobalt blue and Green
IR and UV filters are integrated Yes
Adjustable Inter-pupillary distance (IPD) (mm) 75 millimeter
Must have Aspheric biconvex lens 20D and 28D
Working distance (Cm) 40 centimeter
Lamp type with good illumination LED bulb
Easily accessible for replacement of bulb for uninterrupted work Yes
Easily accessible and fully controllable light on headband Yes
Complete unit to be easily washable and sterilizable using both alcohol Yes
Headset dimensions, all adjustable (LengthxWidthx Height) (CmxCmxCm) MORE COMFORTABLE
Headset Weight (gm) 600 to 700


Power supply 220+/-10% V, 50/60 Hz, AC Single phase
Rechargeable battery pack 6V, 5W output
Type of battery Li-ion
Battery back-up time (hrs) 4 to 8


Packing kit contains the product with accessories viz Batteries, filters, lamp, power chord in a carrying box/hard case Yes
Packing Each kit Individually packed


Capable of stored continuously in ambient storage conditions in ideal circumstances 0 deg C to 50 deg C, 15 to 90% RH
Capable of operating continuously in ambient conditions in ideal circumstances 10 deg C to 40 deg C, 15 to 90% RH


Submission of all certificates and Test Report from the appropriate authority to prove the conformity to declared specification at the time of supply Yes
Product certification US-FDA
Certification, performance and safety standards specific to the device US-FDA


Supplier to perform installation, safety and operation checks before handover Yes
Training of users in operation and basic maintenance shall be provided Yes


Warranty (Yrs) 3
User technical and maintenance manual detailing complete maintaining schedule with routine maintenance should be provided Yes
Contact details of manufacturer, supplier and local service agent to be provided Yes


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