Automated ELISA Processor

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Certifications for product US FDA
Certification no and date to be indicated US FDA certificate available..
Manufacturer should have EN ISO 13485 certification for quality standards Yes

Performance Parameters

Application ELISA processor is a fully automated platform for ELISA which detects/ measures the presence / concentration of an Antibody or Antigen in Sample
Type of Reading Plate
Type of model Bench Top
Maximum Number of assay / Test per batch 0-12
Number of samples at a time 41-96
Self check at startup Yes
Number of strips NA for Plates
No of plates 4 Plate
Sample tube size in ml 5,6,7
Reagent bottle size in ml 20 & 60
Number of reagent bottle/ Tubes 18
Size of controls and calibrators in ml 1.5
Number of control and calibrators 11 to 20
Sample dilution Test tube
Tips Loading capacity (hint: Require for carbonated tips) 500-1000
Auto self-check mode , liquid level detection and dispense monitoring Yes
The system should have user friendy software Yes
Type of Probe Dual
Automated well washing performed at customized volumes and cycles Yes
Built in ELISA reader with wavelength reading Dual
Curve fit Modes LIN/LIN,LIN/LOG,LOG/LOG,Auto curve
Elisa Processor shall be adjustable for different micro plate geometric Yes
Availability of halogen lamp Yes
Availability of aerosol Shield for user safety Yes
variable speed and plate/strip shaking capability Yes
Design of Elisa Processor should eliminate overfilling and contamination Yes
Design of Elisa Processor should facilitate easy cleaning Yes
16 manifold washer – 8 dedicated needles for aspiration and 8 for dispensing to avoid cross contamination Yes
QC reports generation L-J Chart,CV evolution,OD evolution,west guards
Number of locations for reagent loading in 5 ml/ 7 ml tubes 26-40
Bio-hazardous waste disposable container provided Yes
Functions of Probe inbuilt with elisa processor pipetting , incubator , shaker
Weight in kg 180
Power supply in Volts 230 Volt AC,+-10%, 50 HZ
Availability of external Laser printer Yes
Type of monitor LCD
Keyboard External
RS 232 Port Yes
USB Port Yes
Power consumption in watt 500
Memory Storage capacity for test results with patient ID More than 5000
Methods of assay Qualitative and Quantitative
Processing Temperature settings in degree Celsius 37 & Room Temperature
Graphical display of plate/strip lay out for specifying controls ,samples and blanks etc Yes
8-12 channel manifold, all tubing sets, wash, rinse and waste bottles, maintenance kit to be provided Yes
2 sets Use Manual and Technical Maintenance manuals in original to be supplied Yes
Warranty in years 3

Reader Specifications

Dynamic range in O D 0 to 4
Wavelength range in nm 400 – 630
Filter 405,450,492,570,630,690 with provision to add 2 more filters
Automatic filter selection Yes
Maximum Reading time for single wavelength in second per strip / Plate in seconds 20
Precision <1% CV Yes
Automatic calibration before each reading Yes
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy ±1 % ±1 % or better

Washer Specifications

wash cycle 0-12
Residual volume in ul 8
Washer buffer capacity in litres 5
Availability of low buffer alarm Yes
Soak time in hours 24
Dispense pressure preset Yes
Availability of rinse function Yes

Pi-Petting Specifications

Type of dispensing mode Disposable tips
Samples tips range in ul 5-300
Reagent tip range in ul 10 – 100

Process Security

Liquid level sensing Yes
Level sensor system Conductive
Clot detection Yes
Tip detection Yes
Alarms for liquid level ,Tip and clot Yes


Interfacing with Computer include desktop PC running windows based OS Yes
Data processing Quantitative and Qualitative


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