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Performance Parameter

Purpose It is used to make sure lenses are mounted correctly within a pair glasses, and is also used during the eye wear making process to orient and mark lenses that are yet to be cut
Facility of auto focus /auto alignment/auto center Yes
Facility to detect power of progressive lens Yes
Type of lens module Both Spectacle Lens & Contact Lens
Prism position Horizontal
Prism mode Square
Facility to detect UV absorption capacity of lens of both UV A& UV B and with visible light transmission qualities of lenses Yes
Facility of compensation function for high index lenses Yes
Marking system Ink cartridge type
Type color full graphic display LED
Interface for output USB
Power supply Single Phase ( 230 V,50 Hz)
Measurement mode Single vision,Bi-Focal,Progressive,Prism,UV,Hard & soft contact lenses and High index Lenses
Facility for printer attachment Yes
Facility of auto save Yes
Type of printer supplied Thermal printer
Measured data should be printable using the printer of the connected AR/ ARK No
Power cord should be supplied Yes
Dust cover supplied Yes
Online UPS provided with product Not Supplied
UPS Backup time in minute N/A
Number bulbs supplied Not Supplied
Number of Nose piece for contact lenses supplied 1
Number of Measuring progressive power lenses explanation sheet supplied 1
Number of rolls of printing paper 2
Warranty in years 2
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) which includes preventive maintenance including testing & calibration as per technical/ service /operational manual ,labour and spares, after satisfactory completion of Warranty period 1
Certificate to be available from OEM/principal regarding approval of service center maintained by seller Yes
Demonstration & Complete technical training for personnel involved in the use and handling of the equipment on site at the buyer/consignee end immediately after its installation before acceptance Yes
Operating temperature range and humidity 0 – 50 degree centigrade and humidity of 15-90%
Availability of valid detailed electrical and functional safety report from ERTL Yes
Product must be Rust Proof Yes
Product should be made up of high quality material, pretreated with materials providing good finish, scratch resistant, bacteriostatic coating Yes
Facility of easily cleaning /maintenance Yes
Standard Tool Kit for maintenance and Trouble Shooting to be provided Yes

Dimensions Parameter

Range of Sphere measurement in Diopter minus 25 to plus 25
Step increment for Sphere measurement in Diopter 0.01
Range of Cylinder measurement in Diopter 0 to +10
Step increment for Cylinder measurement in Diopter .001
Range of Axis measurement in degree 1 to 180
Step in Axis measurement increments in degree 1
Range of Addition measurement in Diopter 0 to +10
Step increment in additon measrument 0.01
Range of Prismatic power in Prism Diopter 0 to 10
Measuring time with tolerance ± 10% (minimum) 0.09
Prism base direction in degree 0 to 180
Step increment in prism base direction in degree 1
Pupillary distance measurement in mm 40 to 90
Measurable Spectacle lenses diameter in mm 20 to 120
Measurable Contact lenses diameter in mm 115
Lens power measuring wavelength in nm 535 to 630
UV transmittance wavelength in nm 375
Measurable transmittance efficiency 0 to 100 %
Step increment in Measurable transmittance 1%
Range of Abbe number 20 to 60
Number of measuring point with in nose piece 108
Size color full graphic Display in inch 5
Size of Autolensometer (Lx W x H) in mm x mm x mm 190X237X377
Weight of Autolensometer in Kg 5.5

Reports & Certification

Certifications for product European CE ( with verified document )
Certification Number and date to be indicated 151000104SHA /18-10-2018
Manufacturer should haveISO certification for quality standards Yes
ISO certification number & date SHA-001/10-08-2017
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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