Air Decontamination System

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Certifications CE
Certification number and date CE/1139/17/02 Dated: 17.11.2017

Performance Parameters

Purpose Designed to kill Bacteria, viruses and fungus in the indoor air and eliminate other environmental pollutants like particulate matter and VOC. The sytem shall be suitable for heavy usage in areas like hospital operation theater, ICU etc
Air treatment modules in the system Air Filtration Module, Air Decontamination Module and Germicidal UV Module
Type of Mounting Floor Mounted
Unit should destroy airborne micro organisma and pollutants without help from any of gases and chemical product consumption Yes
System should be able to destroy bacteria ,viruses,fungi, spores ,mycobacterium / aspergillus Yes
Design of system shall be suitable for easy adaption to room air flow dynamics Yes
Type of Controller provided for programming and monitoring Micro processor based

Air Filtration Module

Air Filter module configuration Pre filter, HEPA ,,Nano Tio2 Photocatalytic Oxidation filter , Dual activated Carbon Filter,UVGI
Capacity of prefilter Should Filter sizes up to 50 micron(80-85%) including hair,lint,insects ,animal danders and other macro particles
Material of Pre filter Synthetic
Body material of air filtration module ABS plastic
HEPA Filter (High efficiency Particulate Arrester) Features Should be able to trap all particles /micro organisms above 0.3 microns
Negative ion generator with a capacity to generate 2 X 106 ions per cubic centimeter
Efficiency of HEPA Filter (Percentage) 99.97 or more
Provision for continous monitoring of choking of HEPA filter Yes
Provision for continous monitoring integrity of HEPA filter Yes
HEPA Monitoring system should give audio visual alarm in case of choking and loss of integrity Yes
Features of TIO₂ photo catalytic filter Provided In presence of ultraviolet radiation the filter promotes photo catalytoic destruction of volatile organic compounds and microorganisms
Features of Activated carbon filter provided Removes odours ,volatile organic compounds (VOC) like formaldyhyde,CO,NO ,Anesthetic agents(halogens) , Chloroform etc
Number of Activated Carbon Filters provided in the system 1
Ultra violet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)Provided Ultraviolet light destroys 90-99% of micro organisms by penentrating through their cell membrane and destroying DNA
Number of ultra violet lamps provided 2
Wave length of Ultra Violet Light 254 nm
UV lamp out put in watts 12
Shape of Ultra Violet Lamp provided Curved
Monitoring features for ultra violet lamp provided Indicate the change of UV lamp by real time monitoring of UV intensity. Indication should be visual
Provision to indicate numnber of hours of usage of UV Lamp Yes
Percentage of Dust Purifying achieved by System 99
Percentage of formaldyhyde purifying rate achieved by the system 95
Benzene purifying rate achieved by the system 99

Air Decontamination Module

Uses flash thermal energy for decontamination of air Yes
Should not use any toxic chemical like ozone or disinfectants for air disinfection and decontamination Yes
Temperature level achieved by system for decontamination in centigrade Over 190
Heated air shall be cooled before releasing to room Yes
Unit shall be chemical free Yes
Unit shall be fan free Yes
Body material of decontamination module Powder coated MS

Germicidal UV Module

Principle of working of Gemicidal UV module UVGI reflectance technology
Parabolic reflectors are provided to capture light and direct it efficiently Yes
UV lamps are covered by front reflectors to prevent light dispersal, in order to direct light in a collimated beam Yes
The area of top portion of room where ultraviolet rays light should be confined up to 20%
Body material of UVGI PVC and Aluminium

General Parameters

Area which can be covered by system in square meter >40
Minimum air flow in cubic meter over 200
Maximum adjustable air flow in cubic meter over 300 up to 400
Fan Air out put in Cubic Feet Per Hour 400
Height of Machine which shall also ensure better air circulation in feet with ±10% tolerance 3
The equipment shall be vibration free and have shock proof body Yes
Power consumption in watts per hour 200
Type of Display LED
Parameters displayed Fan sped, UV working ,negative ion working and On/Off
Noise level in dB when working at 1 m 30
Technical demonstration and training to be arranged at buyer’s premises after delivery of equipment Yes
The equipment might be required to be installed at remote/ field location anywhere in India, OEM authorized service centers will provide prompt  Installation, user training, service on-site  as and when required Yes
Machine height which shall also ensure better air circulation 4 FT
Castor mounted for easy mobility Yes
Air speed shall be adjustable Yes
Remote controlled on off Yes
Power supply 230 V 50 HZ AC , Single phase
Warranty in years 3


ISO Certification for Manufacturer ISO 9001
Certification for Environmental Manage Systems ISO 14001
Certification for Quality Management Systems ISO 13485
Availability of Type test certificate from Government/NABL/ILAC approved laboratary Yes
Type test certificate No and date ATCC2/704 Dated 21/02/2018
Name of the lab issuing type test report Amit Test and CaliBration Centre
Address of the lab issuing type test report Kh.No.45/14,17&45/6 &7,Village Prahaladpur Bangar,Near Kali Mata Mandir,Delhi-42
Copies of certifications and test reports to be submitted to buyer on demand at time of supplies Yes


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